Who we are?

We are R-grill. A European, family-run manufacturer and seller of 304 stainless steel handmade rotisseries, coal ovens discadas and other grilling equipment. Back in 2012, we wanted to offer the highest quality roasters at a reasonable price. Now, we are producing and selling not only the best stainless steel rotisseries but also various types of meat grilling and roasting equipment and accessories. How this came to be? 3 words – family, quality and dedication. That is who we are and that is what our products serve for- dedicated to eating quality food and spending quality time with the family you have and the family you choose.

How it all started?

Quite suddenly and pretty unexpectedly.

This is a story of a crafty KTM employee who saw his friend make a roaster using spare parts of some machines he had in his basement. That is how the idea to design and make high-quality rotisserie with carefully chosen materials, components, motors and other accessories was born. Moreover, the hero of this story belonged to a traditional family of pig farm owners. Roasting an entire pig or lamb was a quite common event for them. He and his family knew how to roast a pig manually on a wooden spit. This means he knew the problems people faced while doing it, and he decided to solve them. So he did. Now, more than a decade after, R-grill is producing and selling the highest quality stainless steel roasters, coal ovens, discadas and other grilling equipment throughout the world, from Canada to Peru, from Germany to Australia.

No fixed business plans, no highly defined strategies. Just a natural and logical step forward of devoted and crafty people who love to eat meat thinking if we can enjoy the quality at a reasonable price, why shouldn’t other people too.

Why we are and what makes us different?

Our aim here is not to fill in the gap between a person who loves to roast meat and a manufacturer of high-quality spits and roasters. To the contrary, we are here to erase that gap. R-grill produces quality and sells it for a fair price. We are a win-win solution. When it comes to differences…

  1. Our rotisseries, coal ovens, trays and other grilling equipment are made of 304 stainless steel, the cleanest, healthiest and the most durable material used in the cooking industry. Unlike others, mainly resellers and distributors, we want our customers to eat well and eat healthy while eating.
  2. We are manufacturers. Not distributors. At R-grill we stand behind our products and we care- about our roasters, our clients and our quality.
  3. This is a family-operated business. Large enough to produce the best rotisseries on the market but still small enough to give the necessary attention to each of our customers.
  4. Our products are handmade. And they are made in Europe. Not in China. Consequently, this means that our stainless steel rotisseries and equipment comply with the most rigid quality, production and import requirements.
  5. We ship for free, throughout Europe and to USA and Canada as well.

Enough said? Let our products say more or contact us with any questions you might have.

Mr Predragović Ozren

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