About us

We are a family run business established back in 2012 as a small company producing just one sort of rotisserie. Since then, we have expanded and our team now is consisted of professionals from different fields including welders, smiths, CNC operators, programmers, drivers, writers, cooks and many others who are enjoying life to the full by doing what we love. Behind the scenes our team is bonded, supporting one another at work and beyond, working closely day by day as a team but also as individuals. Thanks to our vision from the beginning today we stand together and provide excellent service to our customers.

Our portfolio includes: pig/lamb rotisserie, XXL pig/lamb rotisserie, satch oven, discada/cowboy wok/skittle, chicken X fork, rotisserie for brick fireplace, firebox.

We are small enough to treat all our customers as individuals but with technical expertise of a large company.

Our mission is to give our customers the best experience possible from the moment of ordering to the moment of roasting. 

Mr Predragović Ozren

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