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If you like traditionally prepared meals and despise standing alone in the kitchen for hours, you have come to the right place. With our Sač you will be able to prepare healthy traditional food in the company of your loved ones, perhaps even with their assistance. Perfect for any type of outdoor gathering, this piece of Balkan tradition will exceed everyone’s expectations. Your guests will be amazed, we guarantee.

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Sač or Peka, is perfect for all kinds of social events, from family gatherings to outdoor parties! All handmade by our craftsmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Main elements are stainless steel pan and iron cast lid. This guarantees highest possible durability and a healthy food preparation process, since stainless steel does not allow corrosion i.e. penetration of harmful substances to your food from the pan itself. This is, unfortunately, not the case with majority of other Balkan ovens sold on the market.

The PREMIUM MODEL is larger and features an A304 INOX pan that is 2.36 inches (6 cm) deep, with a lid that has a diameter of 19 inches (48 cm), allowing you to prepare enough food for max 15 people.

The STANDARD MODEL is smaller and comes with an A430 INOX pan that is 2.36 inches (6 cm) deep, and the lid has a diameter of 16 inches (42 cm), allowing you to prepare enough food for max 10 people.

Cast iron tripod is used to put the plate at just sufficient height from the heat source. Ring is placed on the lid to add the lumps of burned wood on the oven and provide temperature from the upper side. This allows for evenly cooked food. Spatula will help you stir the half burned wood chunks, to add heat. It takes 3 min to set it all up and then you can just chat and wait for your evenly cooked, mouth-watering meal.

In Balkan Sač you can prepare meet with vegetables, or pies and even bread and pizza, preserving originally rich aromas in the process. Meat preparation is the longest and generally takes 3.5 h. But don’t be put off by this long preparation time. It will simply give you time to hang out with your friends and family and build suspense in their curious minds. After all, all the good things in life take time right?



1. What can be cooked on Sač Oven / Peka?

  • Our product is great for cooking of meat, vegetables, bread, pies and pizzas.


2. How to choose the right Sač Oven?

  • Make sure the pan is stainless steel and the lid has to be massive in order to distribute heat evenly and also to last long time.
  • We recommend buying the Sač Oven / Peka with tripod, spatula and a coal ring.
  • We recommend the lid to be hand-forged in order to form bumps on the surface. This keeps embers/fire-sparks from falling down.


3. How to clean Sač Oven/Peka?

  • First remove all grease and food debris and wash your pan with liquid detergent and hot water.
  • First light the fire. Reverse the lid and put it on the fire. Once the lid gets warmer spread some sunflowers oil over it. Let the oil burn then move lid from the fire and clean it with a paper towel. Repeat this once more or if needed two times. It’s mandatory to use gloves all the time.


4. Do you ship to the US / Canada / UK / NOR?

  • Yes, we ship to the US / Canada / UK / NOR. Express delivery takes 4-7 days and free delivery takes 7-10 days.


5. How to prepare food in Sač Oven/Peka?

  • For good roast you should use dry wood. Try to avoid gas, coal and charcoal.
  • We will try to add many delicious recipes on our pages, so stay tuned.



  1. Satch iron lid
  2. Stainless steel pan
  3. Iron ring
  4. Tripod
  5. Spatula



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4 reviews for Sač Peka Balkan Coal Oven

  1. Ljubinka

    Great for making homemade pita/pie and burek. easy to use and clean. made pizza once too.

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  4. Edin Keranovic (verified owner)

    Quality product, hand made, and it looks just like the one we have back home.
    Fast shipping too, arrived to California 6 days after ordering.

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