Rotisserie Forks for Chicken, Turkey, Hog, Lamb

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Roasting meat outdoors is your thing? Then X-Forks are a must-have, unless you like your meat rolled in grass, mud or sand. Joking aside, if you want to safely roast solid pieces of meat, whole turkey or chicken, or even several chickens at once, these forks are not a complementary but rather an obligatory piece of trussing equipment. And our X forks are the best among the rest. Order now!

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Why are Rotisserie Forks a must have? As a hardware piece of roasting equipment, they are used to fix the meat you intend to roast to the spit. As a hardware piece of roasting equipment, they are used to fix the meat you intend to roast to the spit. The aim is to prevent meat from slipping, flopping and juicing over the motor. What would happen if you were to roast let’s say a turkey on a spit without using the forks? Well, you would not be able to roast the turkey at all. The spit would rotate within the meat, not with it. So, no X-Fork basically means no roasting on a spit.

What makes our X Rotisserie Spit Forks for Chicken special? R-grill is all about quality. So, unlike great majority of similar forks available on the market (meaning approximately 99%, according to our competition research), our X-Forks are handmade in Europe and are made of 304 stainless steel. This guarantees two most important things – product durability and quality in production. Moreover, 304 stainless steel is also the healthiest material used in food preparation industry. With proper and easy maintenance, it guarantees not only long product life, but also no rusting and no transfer of bacteria or unhealthy emissions from the forks to the meat. So, with R-grill X forks you roast safely and stay healthy.

Being 4in wide, 1.3in in diameter and 12in long, our meat forks are a perfect fit for our XXL, Brick- and Adria Roasters. Therefore, if you want to get a firm and healthy grip on the meat-on-a-spit process, search no more but click further.



1. Can I use these forks on my R-Grill King Size or Adria roaster?

  • Of course, these forks are designated for both, XXL King Size and Adria Roasters.


2. Can I combine these forks with other roasters available on the market?

  • Their sizes are not compatible with our sizes of rotisserie so unfortunately it won’t work. Most of the roasters available on the market are made in China.


3. How many chickens I can put on a spit with X Forks?

  • If you are using additional X forks on XXL King Size roaster you can put 8 chickens and on Adria roaster you can put 4 chickens at once.


4. Do you ship to the US / Canada?

  • Yes, we ship to the US / Canada. Express delivery takes 3-5 days and free delivery takes 8-9 days.


5. Do you offer guarantee?

  • Yes, all our rotisseries come with warranty and we have two year guarantee for motor and a lifetime guarantee for material and workmanship.



1. Two x-forks made out of stainless steel.



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    Good service.

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    Very well worth the money.

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