Stainless Steel Tray

Roasting meat, either a whole animal or a large chunk, is not only about the meat. It is about the dipping fat too. You don’t want to miss it? We bet you don’t. For this reason, we designed the best stainless steel tray for all those who want to get the most out of meat roasting. Order now!

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Stainless steel tray is a complementary product. We at R-grill call it “the best of the rest”. It is not absolutely necessary but makes the roasting process complete. How so?

Well, to start with, you will not lose a single drop of the fat melting while the meat is getting roasted. You put the tray below and collect the dip, to serve it along with the meat. This way, the only leftovers you will have are the bones.  More pleasure for your loved ones and less mess for you to clean up after the roasting.


Next, the tray is hand-made of 304 stainless steel, as well as most of our products. This means that no harmful substances will evaporate from the tray and get to the food you are eating. This material is clean, healthy and easily maintained. You will clean it with nothing but hot water and regular detergent.  It will not rust and will last for ages. What more could you wish for?


Finally, you can also use our stainless steel tray to serve the meat once the roasting is finished. Being 45in long, 13in wide and 1.4in deep makes it perfect for serving a whole pig or a lamb, or several chickens at once.  It fits perfectly with our  XXL Rotisserie, Brick Rotisserie and Best Whole Pig Roaster Kit. The design is smooth and practical. Even surfaces are easy to clean and stable to set. Square handles are put at a perfect angle to allow for safe carrying. So, don’t miss a thing. Make your roasting complete.