Spit wings for rotisserie

Spit Wings stainless steel meat clamps for R-Grill rotisserie offer the perfect solution for grill enthusiasts who don’t always want to roast a whole pig or lamb.

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These exceptionally robust, sturdy and large clamps enable easy combination of various types of meat and vegetables, opening the door to entirely new culinary possibilities.

With R-GRILL Spit Wings clamps, every barbecue becomes an opportunity to experiment with flavors and create unique gastronomic experiences. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these clamps ensure durability and easy maintenance, making them an essential addition for all barbecue enthusiasts. The width and length of these meat clamps are approximately 16 inches.

The video below showcases the first version of Spit Wings. We had to abandon the chain as it couldn’t securely hold the meat.

The current solution makes no compromises regarding the grip and firm support of meat or vegetables. And the food is irresistibly delicious, just as it looks in the video.

Purchase this highly useful accessory now and enjoy the variety of meats and vegetables that you can now prepare on your R-Grill Rotisserie.


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