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It’s the 21st century. So, unlike your great, great grandfather, you have the choice – to prepare a whole pig or a lamb on a spit yet not spend half a day spinning the thing. Now, you just have to find the best motor to do the job for you. And you just have. Order now!

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40 W
2.6 RPM
22 ft-lbf
110 V



Rotisserie Motor Unit For Replacement Or Upgrade. Featuring 40 Watts Of Reliable Gear Reduction Power & Reliability.

Why is choosing a proper motor for your rotisserie so important? Well, firstly, while pig spit roasting a whole animal on a rotisserie rod, the purpose of the motor is not just to make your hands free so you could hold a beer and have a nice chat with your friends and family. Secondly, the motor has to do the job for you and to do it timely, precisely and efficiently, without too much complication or noise. That being said, all these reasons make our R-grill Motor for Roaster, Spit or Skewer just perfect.


To start with, the R-grill motor is small in size, which implies easier installation and storage. This means that you’ll have more space on the spit for an additional chicken or a larger lamb. Additionally, its technical features are perfectly balanced. With a 40 W engine power, 110 V voltage, 22 ft-lbf torque, 2.6 RMP, and load capacity of 125 lbs, the R-grill rotisserie motor will roast a whole lamb, pig, or several chickens with optimum power consumption and at a perfect tempo.

Furthermore, this motor runs smoothly. The noise it produces is not excessive and can actually come in handy – as long as you can hear it, you know that things are going just fine. Moreover, the motor unit owes its overall high performance and quite tolerable noise level to a careful selection of European-made, high-quality components, all impeccably fitting into a flawlessly designed metal casing. In addition, the designers complemented its traditional, robust yet attractive design with a standard North American three-prong grounded plug.

After all, who can you trust to build a perfect rotisserie motor, if not an engineering descendant of pig farm owners who had been roasting animals for ages? With that being said, this means that your quest has ended. You can now roast your pig hands-free. Just add it to your cart and make it spin.


1. Do you ship to the US / Canada?

  • Yes, we ship to the US / Canada. Express delivery takes 3-5 days and free delivery takes 8-9 days.


3 reviews for Rotisserie Motor

  1. Ernesto Hernández

    Surprisingly small motor and very quiet too. I’ve used this to bbq a turkey and it works amazing.

  2. John (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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