Firepit with windshield for whole pig roaster

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As much as you love to roast meat by yourself in your backyard, you absolutely despise the smoke and the mess you make. R-grill understands your troubles. For this particular reason, we have designed our Firepit with Windshield for whole pig roaster. No more burned grass and teary eyes for you. Only warmth of the fire and crispy, juicy meat. Order now! See more details

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Our firepit with windshield will save your grass, your eyes and your nerves. This is because R-grill experts calculated the dimensions very neatly. To start with, it is set 3in above the surface. This is just sufficient distance to guarantee that no harm is done to the surface below, most often grass. Also, the firebox with windshield will not become too high in total. The firebox is 46in long and 16in wide. This is to say that it will easily contain enough coal or wood to provide optimum heat to roast a lamb, a pig, or several chickens. The firepit is 0,04in thick and 2in deep, guaranteeing safe roasting.

Using the firepit with windshield has many benefits. Not only does it save the surface from the impact of the fire, but it also saves your eyes, skin, hair and clothes from the smoke. Even more so if the weather is windy. Also, it will save you from spending too much coal or wood. This is because you can easily control the fire and the heat gets efficiently directed toward the meat. The firepit with windshield is made of an unlacquered solid black sheet. This means that the set will rust in time but no unpleasant smells and chemicals will evaporate from lacquer coating melting through use. On the whole, a healthy, clean and energy-efficient roasting solution.

There are two more things to note. First is that R-grill firepit with windshield is 14in high in total. This is far enough from your eyes, to save them from smoke and heat, yet close enough for your hands to poke the fire every once in a while. The other thing is that you get the poker for free. You will be needing it. We are counting on that.



1. What is the thickness of the material?

  • Since that longevity is very important to us, for manufacturing of our Firepit we are using material that is 0.59 inches thick and over time our Firebox gets very nice rust patina.


2. Can I move firepit during roasting for example if I want to regulate temperature?

  • We don‘t recommend moving of firebox or rotisserie during roasting due to safety reasons. With your Firebox order you will get a spatula with a hook and it can helps you with moving.


3.  Do you ship to the US / Canada?

  • Yes, we ship to the US / Canada. Express delivery takes 3-5 days and free delivery takes 8-9 days.


4. Do you offer guarantee?

  • Yes, our firebox come with warranty and we have two year guarantee for material and a lifetime guarantee for workmanship.


5. Do you offer return?

  • Yes, for more information please see delivery & returns



  1. Firepit unpainted
  2. Stands unpainted
  3. Spatula unpainted

Total Weight of shipment: Approx. 24 lbs.



2 reviews for Firepit with windshield for whole pig roaster

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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