Pig Lamb Rotisserie Adria

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With a whopping maximum capacity of 70 lbs, this european ADRIA barbecue rotisserie machine can hold and rotate plenty of meat above the coal fire to give you the most succulent results.

So if you’re looking to cater at outdoors events or even wow your friends in the back garden, then a hog roasting machine is right up your street!

✔ Heavy duty hog roast machine made from strong steel

✔ Holds joints of meat up to 70 lbs

✔ Slow roast pork, lamb, beef and much more

✔ Large steel firebox (56”x13,5”x3,5”), non painted, there is no unpleasant smell of burnt paint

✔ Included windshield to protect the coals & contain the heat for a more even roast

✔ Motorised spit (53”)   creates a hands free rotisserie

✔ 50 Watt / 110 Volt motor smoothly turns the spit

✔ Adjustable spit height

✔ Hygienic & easy to clean

✔ Great for catering outdoor events & parties

The strong european construction & robust 50 Watt / 110 Volt motor give this spit roasting machine its ability to smoothly rotate up to 70 lbs of meat whilst cooking it to perfection.

So whether you’re looking forward to tucking into pork and apple sauce or lamb and mint sauce, this motorised rotisserie machine will keep guests coming back for more.