SAČ PEKA Satsch Oven


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Forged by hand by our master craftsmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this iron satch ( sač / peka ) is perfect for making all kinds of meats, vegetables and eaven pastery, in traditional way, that perseves and enriches flavours and aromas of the food.

Durable, easy to use and mantain, this sach is perfect for all kinds of social events, from family gatherings to outdoor parties. Relive the simpler times when good food and family went in hand by hand. Enjoy your food, that will be eavenly cooked, it will retain its natural jucies and original taste.

Set contains hand forged heavy duty iron sach ( sač / peka ) (2,5 mm thick, 50 cm in  diameter) INOX inner plate ( tepsija) , 6cm deep, iron stand ( sadžak  ), iron ring and coal spatula ( žarač ). Enough for approximately twenty people per one serving.

We do ship to most countries around the world. Please, ask us.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 10 in