There is much controversy surrounding the matter of eating meat with vegetables. Actually, there is a lot of fuss about eating meat in the first place. Evidence of how important this matter has become is the fact that we now have names for groups of people based on how they treat meat in their diet. So, for example, term flexitarian describes a person who mainly eats fruits and veggies, but eats meat occasionally. Then, there is the term carnitarian, for people who eat meat but not fish or seafood. Luckily enough, if you are here it means you eat both, meat and vegetables. This makes you officially an omnivore. So, our omnivore friend, let’s unmask this meat with vegetables mystery and explain why this combo is not only good but also healthy and how to make the best of it.

Meat with vegetables – a controversy explained

We will start by stating that meat and vegetables are not an either-or matter. It is precisely meat with vegetables that make the best mix for your stomach and your health. How is this possible? We will start with the meat.

Why is meat healthy

Meat contains proteins. Vegetarians would say, so do the plants. And yes they do. But we have to go deeper than the trends and the famous claim that one serving of beans gives you as much protein as an ounce of meat.

We need protein. It builds bones and muscles, repairs tissue and carries oxygen throughout your body. Proteins are made of amino acids. Our bodies use 20 different amino acids to create protein. Some of those amino acids we can produce by ourselves. But there are 9 of them that we cannot. They are called essential amino acids (, and we have to eat them. This is where it gets fun. Plants lack in these. Meat has got them all.  And thank you, your honor, we rest our case.

Is it healthy to eat meat with vegetables

Yes, it is. To start with, nobody argues that vegetables are not healthy. It’s the meat in this combo that modern let’s-lose-20-pounds trends have a problem with. And then you get advice like eat only lean meat, do not mix meat with potatoes (protein with carbs), etc. The fact is that your weight or your cholesterol levels will not jump because you eat meat with vegetables. It is the quality and quantity of your food that makes it work either for or against you. But you are an omnivore. You are already on the right side. All you have to do is know the best way to prepare meat with vegetables.

How to prepare meat with vegetables – best practices

There are many things to discuss here but we will make it simple for you.

  1. The rule of a thumb is that meat takes longer to cook. So, if you want to cook raw meat and vegetables in the same pan, you only have to expose the meat to heat longer than the veggies. On average, vegetables are added to the meat approximately 15-20 minutes before the meat is completely cooked. This again, depends on the types of meat and vegetables you use.
  2. This gets us to the second rule – the larger and the older the animal, the longer it takes to cook its meat. This is to say that chicken takes less time to cook than beef, and veal takes less time than beef.
  3. The veggies have their own separate timetable. Carrots take 5 minutes to cook if sliced, 10 if whole. Potatoes take 10-12 minutes cubed, up to 30 if you decide to cook them whole. The greens are on the other hand quite quick. Broccoli, for example, needs only 3 min of heat exposure.

PRO TIP: season your meat and even your veggies before cooking of frying. For meat, it is best to use salt, pepper, paprika, and any other spices you like. Spread the spices, mix in some oil, and let it sit covered and cold, the longer the better.

This might seem too complicated. But once you start gaining experience, preparing meat with vegetables will become a piece of cake. And will taste better than one.

Again, if you have trouble waiting until you learn, or want to try something new, we have a solution.

The best and easiest way to prepare meat with vegetables – Balkan coal oven

If you love eating meat with vegetables but absolutely despise counting the minutes and checking if the meat is finished, Balkan coal oven is the perfect thing for you. It implies just putting the meat and the vegetables within and on fire and letting them do their job together for a couple of hours. In the meanwhile, you are free to have a beer or do as you please – a free man or a woman.

How does  the Balkan coal oven work and why is it good

This is a traditional European way of preparing food. It is easy, practical and healthy.

  1. Easy – To start, you have to do 2 things. Set coal or wood on fire and let it burn out slightly. Chop the meat and the vegetables and season them as explained above.
  2. Practical – You can use any meat you like, end even combine them. Vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and onions are peeled and cut in large pieces. You can even leave them whole, if they are not too big. Garlic is not cut at all. Once inside, the contents do not have to be checked for another 2 hours or so.
  3. Healthy – Our Balkan coal oven has two elements: a stainless steel pan and an iron lid. The first implies that no harmful emissions will reach your food from the pan itself. The latter guarantees even distribution of heat within the oven. On the whole, this coal oven will let your meat with vegetables cook in their own juices without any additions and environmental impacts, in the most natural way, using only natural materials.

The results will be amazing. You will get soft and juicy meat adorned with mouth-melting veggies.

Trust us, those who dare say anything against this way of preparing meat with vegetables have either never tasted it or do not understand life at all.

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